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"I would refer anyone to you & the DRX treatment, it was worth every penny & I would do it again in a minute!!"


I was happy to hear from you & even happier to let you know how I've been. Since my DRX therapy last spring/early summer, I have been GREAT! I continue to be amazed that "a machine" changed my life. Before coming to you, I had seen a chiropractor (actually 2) and also my primary care physician. After being referred to a neurosurgeon, my husband and I decided to talk about alternative therapy to repair 2 bulging discs in my back. I have a very active 3 year-old and at the time I couldn't care for her at all. The pain was so severe I could hardly walk, spending most of my day in bed or on the couch. I am not the kind of person that wanted to rely on shots & pain medication for the rest of my life. Surgery was an option, but it did not come with any guarantees that it would work. To make a long story short, after just one treatment on the DRX, I felt immediate relief, and by the end of my treatment, I was feeling 95% better!

I then had 9 weeks of physical therapy to strengthen my weakened back and muscles.

It has been several months since my treatment & therapy and I am back to doing everything I used to do. I continue to stretch every morning, and am always conscious of everything I do & lift. I will never take being "pain-free" for granted, and appreciate every day that I feel terrific and am able to be the Mom I want to be!

Because of the wonderful treatment I received, my family & I were finally able to take our Florida vacation, which we had postponed because of my back injury. I am including a photo of us in Florida, last September, after my physical therapy was complete. We were able to have a great time.

- Kris C, Stoneham MA

"I hope others will give this revolutionary treatment a chance, it really does work"


In August of 2006 I had surgery to "FIX" a herniated disc, the surgery went well, however the recovery was worse than the pain I experienced prior. I did not ever want to go through that again. Wouldn't you know it, I herniated another different lumbar disc in December of 2007. The sciatic pain I had was unbearable and I was unable to work as a firefighter. I underwent a cortisone injection in February which caused more pain and numbness than without it. My surgeon advised me that I was "out of options" and that I would need another surgery.

One day I was watching the news and they ran a segment on the DRX 9000 and how people with the same condition as I have benefited from the treatment. I was told by my surgeon that "your wasting your time and that doesn't work!" Despite the surgeon's attitude, I proceeded with the decompression treatment because at this point I had nothing to lose. If it works, than I could get back to my life and if it didn't, well than I would need the surgery anyway.

Dr. Pendolino had given me a 50% chance of pain relief based on how severe the herniation was. During the first couple of weeks of treatment I really didn't notice any difference in the quality of pain. By week three I was starting to feel a little relief and actually had one "pain free" day. At this point I was sure that the treatment was doing something. My last week of treatment was by far the best. I now have more "pain free" days than ever before and I am starting to do the things that I was unable to do when I was in pain. I still have days where my leg hurts a little but it is nothing compared to before the DRX sessions.

I sincerely owe a debt of gratitude to Dr. Pendolino and Lisa for all their hard work and compassion during this difficult time in my life. I hope others will give this revolutionary treatment a chance, it really does work.

- David D., Nashua NH

"I am 95 percent pain free, thanks to the decompression treatments on the DRX 9000"


The "torture machine" (as my son calls it!) was the best thing that ever happened to me! After 28 years of physical therapy, traction, acupuncture and chiropractic to alleviate my pain with mostly temporary results and sometimes none at all... I am 95 percent pain free, thanks to the decompression treatments on the DRX 9000.

It's funny. During the course of my treatment, I was feeling some skepticism. I was getting a little frustrated for things to start happening and I was feeling a little disappointment that I wasn't "instantly" cured and then all of a sudden... I felt results! It was amazing. Now that I've completed my decompression therapy for my low back... I have every intention of returning to the office and beginning therapy on the DRX 9000 for my neck. I've already spoken to Dr. Pendolino and I'm very excited.

I drove 900 miles on a trip, pain free. Imagine sitting for that long in back pain... I don't have that pain anymore. My family notices that since I've had decompression treatments, on the DRX 9000, there are things I'm doing now that I haven't done for years. I can walk for long periods of time as well as stand and sit without pain... sleep a whole night without pain. It's the best.

I would recommend the treatment to anyone who is suffering with any kind of back pain. I would be willing to talk to anyone about my experience.

- Blair P., Marblehead MA

"My back pain of nearly 18 years have been resolved with a short treatment plan of spinal decompression"


Dear Dr. Pendolino, Please accept my apologies for the delay in writing this note of thank you. Honestly, I was holding out for some time after treatment because I still find it hard to believe that my back pain of nearly 18 years have been resolved with a short treatment plan of spinal decompression visits to your office.

I very rarely write or author product or procedure endorsements. Before I wrote this one I wanted to see if the treatment would "stick" after my completion date of January 2007. It is now May of 2007 and I finally feel that I received a spinal treatment plan that worked - short of the standard managed pain treatments and spinal adjustments!

Thanks again for everything you office has done for me!

- Peter A., Deerfield NH

"Everyone in my building is amazed at how well I look and feel"


I am feeling well. My spine feels good, no pain there. I do have pain in my hips-must be arthritis. I do not have to use the cane. If I walk a far distance I take it with me. Everyone in my building is amazed at how well I look and feel. They remember how much pain I was in. Tell Dr. Pendolino I miss all of you. I'm glad you miss my horrible singing. Don't spread it around. I do not audition. Stay well all of you.

The DRX 9000 was a blessing for me!

- Terry C., Medford MA

"I have no reservations in recommending this treatment to anyone that is suffering from chronic back pain"


My name is Mark and I've had chronic pain for a long time. After years of spasms, nerve pain and finally full blown sciatica - I had an operation on my L4-L5 disc. The immediate pain down my leg dissipated very much but I still suffered periodically with nerve pain, numbness and continued back spasms which on several occasions almost kept me "stuck" in my car. I was always looking for other types of treatment and seriously considered surgery again until I found out about the DRX 9000. In theory it seemed to make a lot of sense, and after committing myself to it and under the watchful care of Dr. Pendolino, when I began my treatment (which was uncomfortable at first) to when I ended my treatment with the DRX 9000 I can honestly say it was the best results I've had. After being bent over with spasms, nerve pain and numbness - I can walk upright, get out of bed without taking about 5 minutes to do so, and have much greater freeness of movement than I've had in a very long time. Do I still have to be cautious with certain activities? Yes. Do I still continue to do exercises designed to strengthen my core muscles? Yes, but it's all worth it because of the results from the DRX 9000 and I want to make sure my results continue and get better as time goes on.

I have no reservations in recommending this treatment to anyone that is suffering from chronic back pain.

- Mark S., Winchester MA

"I would refer anyone to you & the DRX treatment, it was worth every penny & I would do it again in a minute!!"


The decompression therapy at North Shore Spine & Rehab was amazing. I noticed steady improvement in my condition as the period of treatment went on. Dr. Pendolino was straight forward and realistic in his evaluation of my condition. Once I began treatment with the DRX 9000, Dr. Pendolino was informative and fully helpful and instructive with what I needed to do to assure successful treatment. The outcome was relief of pain and the return to my normal lifestyle (with the stretching exercises).

To address my severe sciatic pain and consumption of pain killers with a non-surgical, non-medicinal procedure was great. I am very happy that I did it, and the folks at North Shore Spine are caring and knowledgeable.

- K.S., Reading MA

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